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Past Projects

Communication and coordination between our clients and our technicians are critical to the success of our projects. We understand that every job is different and has its challenges. With our experience and custom designs, we can offer a cost-effective solution that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plant Bypass

Sewer Upgrade Bypass with 24/7 Monitoring - Flow 80 MGD (56,000 gallons per minute)

We were contracted by the prime on the project to perform an 80 MGD raw sewer bypass during the replacement of the Richmond Wastewater Treatment Plants primary influent flow meter. The project required that the raw sewer flow be pumped from an existing wet well with a depth of approximately 30 feet into the existing channel downstream of the influent flow meter.

We completed the project including the turn key installation of 6 24” hydraulic submersible pumps, with one auxiliary/ standby pump and power unit for a total of 7 units on site. Each pump was connected to an independent 24 inch HDPE discharge pipe line. Our crew designed and installed the complete system utilizing limited crane support from the customer. Each hydraulic power unit has its own 500 gallon fuel cell and the entire system was contained within WMS spill containment berms just in case there was a fuel or hydraulic line leak.

We performed 24/7 pump monitoring with onsite personnel and utilizing telemetry to ensure the successful operation of the equipment throughout the duration of the project.