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Past Projects

Communication and coordination between our clients and our technicians are critical to the success of our projects. We understand that every job is different and has its challenges. With our experience and custom designs, we can offer a cost-effective solution that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Anacostia Gravity Sewer Bypass

90 MGD Gravity Sewer Bypass Flow (approximately 63,000 gallons per minute)

We were contracted by the prime contractor on the project to perform a temporary bypass of an existing gravity sewer for the rehabilitation of the existing sewer line. The project included the need to pump the prescribed flow from a wet well approximately 30’ below grade and to maintain the wet well level 23’ below grade.

We designed and subsequently utilized a system of stacked (primary and booster) 24” hydraulic H3NC pumps provided by Moving Water Industries (MWI) to generate the necessary head and flow to accomplish this 3,000-foot-long discharge run. In total 10, 24” pumps were installed to pump the flow through 5 parallel 3,000 ft 24” discharge lines. Additional spare hydraulic power units, generators, and pump heads were maintained on site to quickly respond in the case of a mechanical failure.

The pumps were configured so that primary and booster pumps would activate in sequence in response to wet well level to accomplish the design criteria. Due to the special design requirements and confined space, WMS and MWI developed auxiliary hydraulic system heat exchangers to ensure that the hydraulic system on the pumps remained cool despite the limited submergence of the pump heads within the wet well.

We performed 24/7 pump monitoring with onsite personnel and utilizing video and remote telemetry to ensure the successful operation of the equipment.