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Past Projects

Communication and coordination between our clients and our technicians are critical to the success of our projects. We understand that every job is different and has its challenges. With our experience and custom designs, we can offer a cost-effective solution that makes a difference to your bottom line.

Cox Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Effluent Piping and Flow Meter Replacement

Sewer Bypass and Permanent Pump Installation - Flow 40 MGD (56,000 gallons per minute)

We were contracted by the prime contractor on the project to perform an 40 MGD partially treated sewer bypass during the replacement of the Cox Creek Wastewater Treatment Plants Primary Effluent piping and flow meter. The project required that the sewer flow be pumped from a small junction box on the downstream side of the clarifiers prior to the plant’s chlorine contact tank.

We completed the project including the turnkey installation of 4-18” end suction pumps, 1-12” end suction pump, and 1-8” end suction pump. The pumps were manifolded into a 30” header and discharge piping. Each pump was isolated from the main by a valve and all pumps were controlled using level transducers to maintain consistent flow through the plant as daily flow volumes changed.

We performed 24/7 pump monitoring with onsite personnel and utilizing telemetry to ensure the successful operation of the equipment throughout the duration of the project.