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Mark Panuska, CEO of Water Management Solutions, Inc.

Narrative from the CEO

In 1934 my great grandfather Howard Overman Sr. and his Son Howard Overman Jr. were out of work. The corn broom manufacturing plant where my great grandfather worked went out of business, a victim of the Great Depression, my grandfather was in eighth grade. There was no social security, there was no unemployment, and there were no social safety nets. 

black and white rows of pipes at a construction site.

Our Promise

We promise to look at your project from your perspective, take ownership of the problem, and provide you with performance-based solutions; we do as we say we will. No excuses, no exceptions.

You will never be surprised by our cost. With no hidden environmental fees or fuel surcharges, we promise that your invoice will always match your estimate. Of course, if there is a change to the project scope or timeframe the costs may change but we will communicate clearly with you throughout the project as it develops.

We will always provide excellent customer service, ensuring that you get the help you need when you need it and reach your desired outcome on time. If you are dissatisfied, we will meet with you to reach a solution that best benefits you and your business.